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St Mark's tends to run sermons in series, so to follow a particular series, the audio files are grouped as below (the most recent series at the top). 
To find other sermons which are not listed here, or to be able to download one, please use THIS LINK. This is the general audio files database which has good search functions and more information about each audio file.



Whole Life Worship

Building Up One Another


God's Creative Word

Letters to the Seven Churches

Mission Action Plan Series

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

The Minor Prophets

Frontlines Series


Listening Series

Here are some sermons from older series:

Resurrection Appearances

The Great Commission - Richard 17/4/2016am
The Great Commission - Lynne Martin 17/4/2016pm (incl. response time after sermon)
The Emmaus Road - Richard 10/4/2016am
The Emmaus Road - Mike McLaughlin 10/4/2016pm
John - Reconciliation - Saju 3/4/2016am
John - Reconciliation - Peter Guinness 3/4/2016pm

King's Cross Part 2 - 2016                                   

The Beginning - Richard England - 27/3/16       
The End - Richard England - 20/3/16                     
The Sword - Lynne Martin - 13/3/16                        
The Cup - David Wilkins - 3/3/16pm                       
The Cup - Saju Muthalalay - 3/3/16am
The Feast - Graham Wilkins - 28/2/16pm
The Feast - Richard England - 28/2/16am


Graham Wilkins, 09/04/2016